Mountain biking such a unique sport that offers opportunities to experience the complete scope of the landscapes from such an intimate perspective. When looking for the best mountain bike destinations in your local area, it can be done quickly and fast, and soon you will find that you will outgrow your favorite trails looking for something bigger, better, and more breathtaking.

Some riders will take up international travel to find out what other countries have to offer when it comes to speed, downhill descents, steep climbs, and excellent terra in. Here are some of the most exotic locations on the planet for anyone who wants to take a mountain biking trip.

Corsica, France

Located in the Mediterranean, this French region of Corsica provides spectacular seaside scenes, some burly single-track at 5,500+ foot peaks. Extremely long out-and-backs on cross-country tracks is the name of the game here. Take a break between rides and appreciate the mixture of Italian and French culture that permeates the island.

Cape Town, South Africa

The reason why people from all over the world come together throughout the year in Cape Town is mountain biking. The view from the iconic Cape Town peak offers stunning unobstructed views of the city, the Cape of Good Hope and meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Manly Dam, Australia

Mountain biking in Manly Dam is indeed an experience; you will be challenged by large rocks, roots, long climbs, thrilling descents and get to encounter wildlife along the way. After a long day’s ride on the challenging trails, many riders take advantage of the cool waters since Manly Dam is so close to the coast.

Getting back to the cities center is very quick and fast, and you can experience a day of remote nature and riding, and then a night of a bustling, busy city. The convenience of having access to both of these worlds attracts riders to this spot year after year.

Rotorua, New Zealand

It is located in the cool forest of New Zealand.  Those who experience Rotorua fall in love with the green mountainside and lush forests. It is an excellent place for riders that enjoy sceneries as well as the winding trails. Mountain biking in Rotorua can be for anyone of any level; they even provide guided tours for those who are beginners.

For riders who are passionate hobbyists, there are trails within Rotorua that will leave you feeling challenged and exhilarated. Furthermore, when you are off the trail, you can take advantage of the onsite cafes, kayaking, mechanical bike support, or take a dip in the hot pools.

Finally, mountain biking destinations from across the globe are gaining popularity with each passing year. Fabulous and breathtaking views, the epic descents, and the physically and technically challenging trails are what attract mountain biking enthusiasts from all over. Many riders seek out these special places because riding trails in these regions will be unforgettable, and they will feel compelled to return year after year.