Jet ski riding can be one of the more fun water activities to enjoy in the summer. When planning a jet ski trip, you need to pack some items to make your trip manageable and make riding a lot more fun. Below are some of the must-have jet ski accessories that will make even the best days on the water better.


It is necessary to wear a helmet when doing anything that can be considered dangerous. While there might be a lot of alternatives to choose from, the best jet ski helmet is going to be breathable and preferably have padding that dries easily in case if you happen to fall in the water.

If you want head protection and don’t want to wear a bulky motocross helmet in the water, always check for the new series helmets that are much more comfortable. If the helmet you ordered does not have a face shield, then a nice set of goggle will come in handy.


Jet ski anchors must be small, lightweight, and have excellent holding power. There are various types of jet ski anchors. Most people prefer Airhead Folding Anchor because it takes up very little room and is relatively hassle-free. The other preferred jet ski anchors are screw anchor system or sand anchor. Both choices work well but may require a bit more work than a folding anchor does. But it all depends on the situation and personal preference.

Waterproof pouches, for phones, wallets, maps, UHF/VHF radios, etc.

It is highly essential to maintain communication while out on the water. There’s the possibility that you may find yourself not on your jet ski and not in a position to get back on it especially if you’re on your own.

Grab waterproof bag that has adjustable straps, floats if dropped in water and will keep dry all your items that you don’t want getting wet, things like boat license, sunscreen, lip balm, phone, camera, car keys, whistle, money, and many more in this bag. When you go for coffee on the water, you just grab the bag knowing everything in it is dry and in one spot.  

Clothing/ wetsuit

Having a good wetsuit or drysuit can extend your riding season by a few months every year which is precisely why it’s on our list of essential jet ski accessories. Tropical climates also experience colder days on the water from time to time, but that doesn’t have to stop you from riding.

While picking a wetsuit, don’t forget to grab a quality life jacket and gloves that are skin-tight fit and has a contoured palm and are pre-curved fingers to enhance your grip. Also get boots that are comfortable and to reduce the chance of foot cramp.


A long day on the water means carrying plenty of drinks and food for everyone. Do your due diligence, research, ask and use what you feel comfortable with when it comes to water dispenser and coolers for storing food.